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The Somali Olympic Committee Constitution


That the first formation of the Somalia National Olympic Committee was established in the year 1959 at Mogadishu, Capital of Somalia.
There shall be no Government or Political interference with the rights of the Somali Olympic Committee or with its Associate Federations, and all Associations shall enjoy freedom of Participation movement, ownership of Facilities, live in Peace, harmony and Comfort, be protected by the state Laws and constitution, have the right to elect and be elected freely.


  • The Philosophy of non Tribalism, Racism, Religious or Color Discriminations to be guiding principles in the Organization and in our Endeavour.
  • To abide IOC Charter, the IOC Executive Board appropriate decisions for the protection of Olympic Movement in our country including suspension of or withdrawal of recognition of the NOC Member or Officials.
  • To strive for Peace, harmony and unity of our country sports.
  • That the aforementioned social conditions are the fundamental requirements for the entry of Somalia sport into international Olympic movement organizations.

To constitute that all National Federations of the different Sports are members of the somali Olympic Committee into an indissoluble single organization under SOC and under the constitution hereby established to promote and control the practice of all those sports in Somalia.

Any member of the Somali NOC or its Executive committee expelled from the IOC cannot be member of the SOC (Effective or honorary).

To Read Compelete Version of NOC Constitution Please Click here

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